Helen Yibing Yang

This is my mother Helen, chinese name Yibing Yang. She was born in Beijing, China on the 19 of April 1969. She grew up in a simple household. It was just her parents,and her two brothers, also a cat. They lived in a small home with one bedroom, one toilet and one small living room. Her mum was a kindergarten teacher and her dad was an author. She had to go grocery shopping for her family because her parents would be super tired from work every day. Her hobbies were reading, singing, and drawing, she remembers when she was in kindergarten and her dad would buy her chocolate and not her brothers. She was a smart kid, once she fell down the stairs once injuring her brain quite badly, she missed school for a month and after she came back to school, they had a test and she ended up getting the highest score in the class. After she got married, she decided to move to NZ with my dad to start a new generation.

Li Baoyun

This is my grandma Li Baoyun. She was born in Tianjing, China on the 23 of March 1940. She grew up in a household of five kids, three girls and five boys. Her mother was a stay at home mum which was typical in her days and her dad was an engineer, Their family was financially stable because dad was quite successful at work. She loved drawing, writing, and dancing. My grandma was the oldest out of her siblings so she was used to being the boss and that made her really want to be a teacher which she became. Her earliest memory was her in primary with her friends when the would hang out and sing, dance and act together with them. She remembers her mum would making clothes for her and her siblings and she had to learn because her mum couldn’t make so many for all the kids.

Yang Cheng

This is my grandpa Yang Cheng. She was born in Beijing, China on the 28 of December 1937. He grew up in a house with five kids, I had two brothers and two sisters. His dad was a businessman and his mum stayed at home. They were a middle-class family and was quite happy. He loved, writing, reading, and singing as a young boy and loved listening the radio for news. He grew up having a dream to be famous one day from publishing books he writes. But he never knew it would actually happen. Now his books sell really well and he am still going at over 80. His earliest memory was when he would go to the fields and play in the streams with his siblings. His dad would write documents for his work and that is what inspired him to become an author.